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About Us

Head Office

The B.C. Muslim Association (BCMA) is a non-profit organization incorporated under the Societies Act on November 17, 1966 corresponding to 4 Sha-ban 1386. The BCMA is currently the largest Muslim organization in the province representing Sunni Muslims.  The BCMA own and operate several Islamic centres all across British Columbia, The BCMA operates the B.C. Muslim School (BCMS) Richmond and Surrey Muslim School encompassing a preschool as well as an elementary and secondary school. Efforts are being made for acquirng a high school.  Other community services include Hajj, dawah work, dealing with media and issues affecting Muslims, marriage and counselling services, youth services and halal certification program. The BCMA and its member are dedicated in developing and maintaining religious, cultural and educational facilities for our present community and future generations.

Our Team

  • Muhammad Gondal President

    P: (604) 318-3728
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  • Fadi Kanafani General Secretary

    P: 604-339-2276
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  • Salah El-Khatib General Treasurer

    P: (604) 773-2244
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  • Sikandar Khan Vice President Religious Services

    P: (604) 727-6995
    E: Send Email
  • Raza Mirani Vice President Education Services

    P: (778) 859-9469
    E: Send Email
  • Mohammed Arfan Malik Vice President Planning and Development

    P: (778) 322-1777
    E: Send Email
  • Iltaf Sahib Vice President Public Relations & Communication

    P: (604) 809-1177
    E: Send Email
  • Mohammed Aiyub Khairati Vice President of Funeral & Burial Services

    P: (604) 614-3622
    E: Send Email
  • Mehmoona Ali Vice President Social Services

    P: (604)837-9307
    E: Send Email
  • Mohammed Imtiaz Asin Vice President Youth & Development Services

    P: (778) 863-4771
    E: Send Email
  • Irshad Siddeeq Vice President Sports & Recreation

    P: (604) 505-7179
    E: Send Email
  • Rabia Mohammed Assistant Treasurer

    P: (778) 231-8631
    E: Send Email
  • Tahzi Ali Assistant General Secretary

    P: (604)219-9067
    E: Send Email
  • Saiyad Ali Administrator

    P: (604) 710-7694
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