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About Us

Penticton Branch

We are a small growing community in South Okanagan of approximately two hundred plus muslims. We are chapter of BCMA (British Columbia Muslim Association. We are currently rent a place Eid & Jumah prayers but actively working to built our own mosque. We need the help & support from muslims and organisations all over the world. 

South Okanagan 

 The climate and ambience of the South Okanagan invites visitors to come and spend long days relaxing on the sandy beaches.  [View Map of Region the right] Whether you're here to sail for a day, or camp for week Penticton, located on Hwy 97, is one of Canada's best-loved vacation spots. Cradled within three trimmed mountain slopes, dramatic clay cliffs and bordered by Okanagan and Skaha Lakes, Penticton  has the natural beauty vacationers seek. The semi-arid desert climate creates long, hot, sunny summers and mild, pleasant winters.There are one of the best ski hills in North America.

Our Team

  • Aslam Sattar Chairperson

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  • Mohammad Qaisar Azeem Secretary

    P: 259 488 2068
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