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About Us


Westshore Islamic center is a new Westshore, Victoria chapter of the BC Muslim Association (BCMA). We are a small growing Muslim community in Victoria. We are dedicated in providing religious, social and essential educational services to the muslim community. Our goal is to built our own mosque in order to provide a robust Islamic Studies curriculum that integrates vital areas that children need to learn to have a deep-rooted sense of faith and belief, guided by the Qur'an and the Sunnah. We need the help & support from muslims and organisations all over the world. 

Our Team

  • Azeem Tariq Chairperson

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    Azeem started his career as a Marine Engineer and spent 10 years serving and travelling around the world. Around 20 years ago, he transitioned his career to software engineering and worked in wide spectrum of industrial software applications from financial applications to industrial control systems. He is passionately involved in volunteering to contribute back to the community.

    He wishes to setup a Muslim Community Centre in Westshore which provides a platform to connect Muslims not only within their community but also facilitate to integrate with the rest of the community.

  • Abdullah AlShirbini Secretary

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    Abdullah worked in operations with Saudi National Oil Company (ARAMCO); and now studying Business and Human Resources.

    With the passion to represent Muslim Community across British Columbia Abdullah joins BCMA Board as the Board Secretary. Abdullah has been doing a lot of volunteer work with the true spirit to serve Muslim community. His long-term aspirations align well with BCMA Westshore Chapter Vision. 

  • Muhammad Usman Treasurer

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    Muhammad Usman holds the treasurer office, and will look after the cash flows, compliance, reporting and fundraising activities. His primary objective is to bring continuity and the voice of the Westshore into the way we plan, operate and generate deliverables for our Community.

    Usman is a Chartered Accountant with an MBA and has worked for over 17 years in Accounting and finance across the globe. He believes in collaboration with people and building strong relationships. Usman enjoys an active outdoor lifestyle with a passion for swimming, camping, travelling and hiking.

    Usman feels honoured to be part of the BCMA Westshore chapter to ensure a better future for Muslim community.

  • Mohammed Wafai Membership Services

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    Wafai holds a PhD, MBA and BS in Engineering. He is a faculty member in Royal Roads University and has extensive professional experience working and consulting in various industries. As part of Westshore community, Wafai sees this as a great opportunity to contribute to his community. 

  • Karim Abd Al Fatah Fundraising Services

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    Karim holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering. He has been working in web development since 2007; and has worked with various agencies, start-ups, and non-profit organizations.

    Karim shares the same vision as other Westshore Board members; and wants to serve Islam by being an active community member.

  • Vacancy . Youth Services

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  • Khalil Khan Funeral Services

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  • Muzaffar Khan Maintenance Services

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    Muzaffar graduated from Camosun college in English Language Training and Condos & Town Houses Management. He owns & manages his company – Superb Janitorial Services since 1995.

    Muzaffar’s aspiration to join BCMA Westshore Chapter is to establish a platform for Muslim community to convey the message of Islam to others. He wants to see the Westshore Chapter prosper; and help future generations to prosper following Islamic norms. 

  • Syed Zia Education Services

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    Imran is a seasoned professional with diversified experience in Governance, Risk & Compliance. He holds a Masters degree from Birmingham City University and Chartered Accountancy from Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales. He currently works for Government of British Columbia as Director, Audit & Assurance. Imran has travelled across five continents and holds rich experience in leading teams, strategy

  • Ali Bhatti Sports Services

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    Ali holds a bachelor’s degree in engineering and works in Information Technology sector for Federal Government.

    Ali’s vision to see a thriving Muslim community in Westshore brings him to serve the board. He sees a dire need to have a Masjid in Westshore for Muslims to pray and wants to work with BCMA Westshore Chapter to make this happen.

    He also envisions establishment of the first Islamic Centre in Vancouver Island which will house a Mosque, Islamic school, funeral/burial services, community services, professional services, low-income family assistance services, food services and outreach programs for local city office bearers.

  • Suleman Ahmad Social Services

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    Suleman currently works as Area Sales Manager for Shaw - Freedom Mobile for Kelowna / Nanaimo / Victoria areas. Suleman has got extensive experience in retail management & people management.

    Suleman joins the Westshore Chapter Board to make a difference for Muslim community, so that our future generations can benefit from this. 

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