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Reserve Your Salat Spot

Please Note: All Salats are performed outdoors (tents only) based on the guidelines provided by the health authority.

The system closes Wednesday night at 10:00 PM and opens Saturday Morning. Masks are now mandatory.

Submitting this application does NOT guarantee you the ability to pray Juma'a in the Richmond Masjid. As the BC government has restricted gatherings to 50 people, the masjid will apply a random draw to select the individuals who can attend Juma'a from among the applicants. Only individuals who have been selected will be allowed to pray outdoors(tents only). Only individuals who are picked by random draw will be notified by email.

Pick which Salat you would like to attend. You must register for each salat separately. Upcoming Juma'a Prayer Falls On: Friday, April 16, 2021

Reservations are not available at the moment. Please wait for it to be available again.

We must do our due deligence in protecting our health as well as the health of others. This is our religious duty as important as offering Salat in Masjid. Please stay home if you are sick.

Mass gatherings are settings or events where large numbers of people may be in close contact. If they are not planned and managed carefully, they can contribute to the transmission of respiratory pathogens, such as the virus that causes COVID-19. This can cause additional strain on the health care system during outbreaks.

Physical distancing measures are a way to reduce COVID-19 transmission in the community by minimizing close contact with others, especially people who are at high risk for severe illness during the peak of the outbreak.

Message From Governement of Canada